We’re Obsessed With These Chocolatey Coconut Chips

Designed by Louisa Cannell.
Photo: Courtesy of Coconut Beach.
What's on my desk this week? Coconut Beach's dark chocolate-coated coconut chips, that's what. This small, unassuming bag is filled with a genius snack that surprised and delighted me, along with a handful of my coworkers (a.k.a. we finished it off in well under five minutes). Now, I love all things coconut and in turn realize that not everyone feels the same way. But before you write these chips off, hear me out — because there is smooth, velvety, rich chocolate involved.
These chips, more like little strips, are vegan and gluten-free and have been roasted and coated in a dark chocolate shell. Their consistency? Light and crispy with an almost fudge-y outer texture. I'd liken it to eating tiny little fudge crunchies with just a hint of fresh coconut flavor.
Another bonus? They'll only cost you 99 cents per bag and can be purchased online at Amazon or in store at any Kroger location. Coconut Beach's chips are a simple sweet snack that we literally couldn't put down (until they were finished). Plus, if chocolate and coconut isn't your thing, they also come in plain, coffee, and honey flavors.
*Tip: Sprinkle these babies over your favorite ice cream for a crunchy sundae topper. Welcome to Snack On This! A weekly series on all-things crunchy, crispy, smooth, savory, and sweet. Join us as we munch our way through the latest snacks that get a big thumbs up from our food team. (That usually means they've made it all the way from our mail pile to a more permanent spot in our not-so-official snack drawer.) Got suggestions for next week? Throw 'em our way in the comments below.

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