We Tried The Sold Out Rosé Gummy Bears Everyone Is Obsessing Over

By the time we found out rosé gummy bears were a thing, they were already sold out. The gummies hail from Sugarfina, a candy company with brick-and-mortar locations, plus a slew of online options including customizable boxes. But, back to those gummies. As soon as we heard about them, we HAD to have them. Perfectly pink-hued candy plus our favorite summer beverage all rolled into one? It's too good to be true.
Lucky for us, we were able to skip the waitlist, which according to Sugarfina is now well over 700 people. An adorable box emblazoned with the phrase "Yes, Way Rosé" showed up at our offices this morning.

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A lot of the time when a food item goes viral, it's more about what it is than how it actually tastes. If you've ever actually eaten a rainbow bagel, you know what we mean. But these rosé gummies are GOOD. They really do taste like a crisp, refreshing glass of our go-to warm-weather wine — just slightly sweeter, in the best way. And, yes, it's just as easy to down a whole bunch of them way too fast; these just require some chewing.
We were obviously wondering if the little candies could make us tipsy. But, according to Sugarfina cofounder Rosie O'Neill the alcohol burns off during the cooking process. However, if it's your ultimate goal in life to get drunk off candy, O'Neill did tell us that that the brand's Scotch Cordials will give you a buzz — apparently it takes 13 of them, to be exact. Whether or not they're worth fighting the masses for this Friday, is up to you. The candies will be available for pickup on a “first come, first serve” basis at the Time Warner and 1100 Madison Avenue Sugarfina boutiques in New York. You have to be on the waitlist to snag a box, and they're expected to sell out quickly, even if you're signed up!

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