Rosé Popsicles Are Just The Thing To Get Your Summer Poppin'

Photo: Courtesy of Rosu00e9 Season.
In May, before summer had officially begun, we alerted you to the existence of Pops brand popsicles. The company has a few boozy popsicle flavors like Bellini, Moscow Mule, and of course, Rosé. Just the thought of tasting them got us giddy for summer, but unfortunately, there was one major drawback about Pops. The brand is only sold in the United Kingdom, so what's a stateside boozy ice pop lover to do? Don't worry, there's another alcoholic popsicle brand that's available in the U.S, and they have two new summery flavors. That's right, Cosmopolitan recently introduced us to FrutaPop and it's partnership with Rosé Season.
According to the website, Rosé Season is an"advocate and promoter for the 'rosé lifestyle,'" and to help us all achieve that lifestyle, it worked with FrutaPop to create rosé popsicles. FrutaPop is a small-batched ice pop company that specializes in alcohol infused popsicles or as the company calls them, "poptails." Too cute, right? FrutaPop came up with two poptail flavors exclusively for Rosé Season, Coconut Rosé Sangria, and Watermelon Mint Lemonade.
Based on photos from the Rosé Season website, the Coconut Rosé Sangria pops have actual fruit inside just like in an actual glass of sangria. The Watermelon Mint Lemonade also has real mint leaves, and contains vodka. Though this one doesn't have rosé in it, watermelon juice gives it an enticing pink color that compliments that "rosé lifestyle" the brand is promoting.
Both flavors are 5% alcohol by volume, and you must be 21 to enjoy them. If your are of age, the pops can be ordered online through Rosé Season's site. Each flavor is available in packs of 12, 24, and 48, and you can also order a variety pack so you can try both flavors with one order. Pack prices start at $120 for 12, which means, when you consider shipping, you'll be paying over $10 per popsicle. Of course, with the alcohol, real fruit, and herbs, you're really getting more than just an ordinary popsicle. So it might just be worth treating yourself to a belated Summer Solstice gift in the form of fruity Rosé popsicles.

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