Game Of Thrones Fans On Team Samwell Tarly, You Need This T-Shirt

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
"I read the book and followed the instructions." That's how Samwell Tarly described his, uh, method for curing Ser Jorah of greyscale on "The Queen's Justice" episode of Game of Thrones. He was forced to answer to the Archmaester for attempting the banned, risky procedure, which could have infected himself and entire Citadel. Sam bravely performed the grotesque surgery on the mottled knight by stripping off the infected tissue — without anesthesia, or medical experience. We couldn't help being reminded of Dr. Pimple Popper as he ripped Ser Jorah's skin off.
Actor John Bradley West repped his character's heroic action on Instagram with a gifted t-shirt featuring the line, and it's the shirt that all Samwell stans need in our lives. Luckily for us, the shirt is available for sale by Redbubble and only costs a cool $21.15. The shirt comes in a bunch of different versions: tank tops, unisex tee, and a fitted women's scoop neck. There are even hooded sweatshirts, for when winter inevitably comes.
The oddly comical line has become something of a fan favorite since "The Queen's Justice" aired, inspiring memes and jokes about everything from cooking to Grey's Anatomy. It's John Bradley West's delivery that makes the line so memorable: he performs Samwell's earnestness perfectly and captures his both character's intellect and humbleness. Samwell Tarly has never been one to seek out the spotlight, but he's made such a huge impact on the story. As he works his way through the maester lessons at the Citadel, he'll undoubtedly play a bigger role in the wars to come. Maybe the scrolls he was assigned to transcribe as "punishment" hold some clues about the creepy ice humanoids up north.
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