Heidi Montag Says She Was Actually A Great Friend To Lauren Conrad

It's been ten years since Lauren Conrad confronted Heidi Montag about a vicious rumor that had been spread about her and then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Her iconic "You know what you did!" is still a go-to phrase for dealing with friendship drama. Montag's now-husband, Spencer Pratt, has taken responsibility for the rumor, but it damaged the friendship between Conrad and Montag pretty much irrevocably.
Even though it's been a decade, the altercation still haunts Montag. While talking to E! News she discussed how the fight changed the way people perceive her to this day.
As far as the incident in the nightclub, Montag believes there were a lot of forces at hand. They turned her into a kind of "scapegoat" and made it a tough situation; she didn't know how to respond.
"I thought that our friendship was way stronger than [Lauren] blaming a rumor on me," she admitted.
The women have since moved on and grown up. Conrad just had a baby boy, Liam James, with husband, William Tell. Montag and Pratt are currently awaiting the birth of their own son (whose name may or may not be Chris Pratt). They might have forgotten about it all, but television lives forever and that moment turned Montag into a villain for so many viewers.
"I think the biggest misconception that was projected from that moment on is that I did something to Lauren," Montag said. "I didn't. I was really such a great friend to her. I kept a lot of things that were going on under wraps. I had been there for her."
It was so hard to watch their friendship disappear and it's even harder to think that Montag has been blamed for something she never did. Hopefully, one day, all the women of The Hills can put the reality TV drama behind them and really get along. We'd love to see them all hanging out with their babies.
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