You Will NOT Believe How Many Wigs Blac Chyna Owns

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During all the drama that unfolded between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian last month, maybe you didn't notice that the social media star and entrepreneur changed her hair almost every single day. It was rainbow locks after the news broke, short and blonde when she arrived in court, and long and sleek by the time she broadcasted her Good Morning America interview.
But the fact is, Chyna has always switched up her strands — and has a wig closet that allows her to pretty much never wear the same look twice. Post-baby blonde dreadlocks? Check. A stick-straight lavender blowout? So last year. Unicorn hair? Slayed it. At this point, you'd think that she'd be out of ideas. Well, think again. "Oh, we've got something cooking," says Phillip Riian, one of Chyna's wig stylists. (She also works with Kellon Deryck.) "I can't tell you — you'll have to just wait and see."
We talked to Riian about his most recent creations, how Chyna uses her hair to claim her power, and exactly how many pieces are in her collection. Check it out, ahead.
Why She Recently Turned To Red
"The women that I work with are so powerful," says Riian. "Red is a power color. It was a statement: She is fearless, and she is strong. And she rocked it. I studied all of the looks that she's done before, and this was perfect timing. Plus, that reddish-orange looked so good on her skin tone."

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Where They Find Inspiration
"I'll send in a vision board of what I'm going to create, and her team says it's a go," says Riian. "I create all the wigs. She'll pick what she's going to wear with her look, but as far as colors and shapes, that's me. She's pretty on point about what she wants. She'll be in the mirror with me when I'm putting the wigs on. Sometimes they're up too far or something, but that happens in glam. We start early so we aren't rushing, and we're not going out looking crazy."
Photo: Backgrid.
How She Keeps Her Real Hair Healthy
"A lot of people are using glue around the front of their wigs, which is damaging on the hairline," warns Riian. "Always make sure that you put that in front of the hairline, if you're using glue or tape. I have customers who buy wigs and they get them at home, and they're pulling their edges out when they're trying to take the wigs off. Hairlines are very important. Chyna's hairline is still full and natural. She has all her edges!"
The Exact Number Of Pieces In Her Collection
"There's a whole wig room!" Riian exclaims. "It's like a salon. If I had to give you an estimate, I would say she has about 600. She has all of her looks from over time."
The Reason She's Always Switching It Up
"Her hair is just a part of her look," says Riian. "If we all could change our hair every day, we probably would. It's just whatever goes with her outfit, moment, and vibe. Long hair might not go with the dress you have on. You may need to put on a short blonde. Where we are now, hair is so advanced that you're able to do that."

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