This Is Candice Swanepoel's Go-To Grocery Store Cleanser

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel has been a source of beauty inspiration for us for years, and we've loved every little bit of advice she's given, from why you should always throw on a pair of earrings to complete a look to locating the perfect dry shampoo. So when we learned she opened up about her beauty, wellness, and breakfast routines to The Cut, we knew we had to read up on her latest living-your-best-life guidance.
The South African native may be known for strutting her stuff down the runway, but it seems that she's just as talented in the kitchen as she is at striking a pose. Swanepoel told The Cut that she has to start her morning with a cup of coffee and/or a shower to really get her prepared for the day ahead. But more importantly, she notes that she eats a healthy breakfast to fuel up and kick-start what she admitted is "quite a fast metabolism."
"My breakfast varies depending on my mood," she said. "I do have a nice beauty smoothie. It contains coconut oil, flaxseed oil, banana, protein, some kind of antioxidant fruit like blueberries or strawberries or some nut butter."
Yum. She continued: "Sometimes I also like to have eggs and toast or make a grilled cheese. I have one of those sandwich press things but you do it on the fire (or gas stove) and it toasts the bread so beautifully."
Excuse us while we immediately order a panini press to achieve Swanepoel-level sandwich mastery.
In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, Swanepoel keeps her skin glowing with a daily cleansing routine. And you won't believe where she gets her go-to cleanser.
"I cleanse, tone, moisturize, and then do an eye cream religiously, twice a day," she said. "I use this gentle green tea cleanser that I get from Whole Foods. My serum is Biotherm — they have one called the Phyto Plankton. It takes two weeks to start seeing a difference so I'm putting it to the test."
She also recommended using Whole Foods' rosewater as a toner. We certainly love a product we can pick up while grabbing our weekly fruits and veggies.
Swanepoel, who gave birth to her son in October 2016, also opened up about motherhood and the impact it's had on her wellness routines. Though she doesn't have as much time for the gym, she's found that she can squeeze in at-home yoga/Pilates sequences that help balance her mind as well as keep her killer abs strong.
"The amount of time I have [to dedicate to wellness] has changed," she said. "Now I have a lot less time to focus on myself...[Your metabolism] definitely changes after you have a baby. It’s really impressive. Having a baby is, like, extraterrestrial stuff. I’m amazed by how it bounced back and repaired. Creating a life in your tummy — it’s amazing."
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