Sean Lowe’s “Secret” To A Happy Marriage Is Just Plain Disappointing

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There are a lot of ways to ensure a happy marriage. Love, mutual respect, kindness, forgiveness, and so on. Since everyone is different, the list could go on for miles. But there's one thing that is definitely not on that list and it's Sean Lowe's "secret" to marriage.
The former reality TV star met his wife, Catherine Giudici, on The Bachelor, and they've found success where so many others haven't. They deserve a happy marriage and we support them through and through. But appearing on The Bachelor does not make Sean Lowe a relationship guru. And his latest piece of advice is pretty much the worst.
Giudici is beautiful and Lowe should feel lucky to have her, but saying that physical appearance is the most important part of marriage is gross. Finding your partner attractive is a factor, sure, but when it really comes down to it, are they really just something pretty for you to look at? That's not right on so many levels.
When asked what the hotter person's secret to happiness is, Lowe replied "Can't help them."
We're gonna go ahead and give Sean Lowe the benefit of the doubt on this one. It's an off-color joke meant for retweets or to seem relatable. That's understandable and forgivable (What celebrity hasn't sold their soul for retweets?). Still, he shouldn't encourage reducing someone to their outward appearance, especially his wife.
Lowe probably knows first hand that a marriage takes a lot more work than just "keeping it tight." They've struggled through The Bachelor and now have a one year old son at home, who undoubtedly stirs the pot. That takes so much consideration, humor, and respect that I'm sure those are the real secrets behind Lowe and Giudici's marriage.
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