Shannen Doherty Got Her First Haircut Since Undergoing Chemotherapy

Sometimes, the smallest haircut can make us feel like a brand new person — even if it's just a trim. This truth is something actress Shannen Doherty understands all too well, which is evident in her latest Instagram post. Last night, the 90210 and Charmed star showed off her fresh new pixie cut to the social media site — her first cut since completing chemotherapy.
In early 2015, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she battled for two years. Earlier this year, Doherty announced the happy news that she was in remission. A little more than three months later, and it looks as if she's starting to feel like herself again.
"Yes he gives the best haircuts ever but the real pleasure is just absorbing some of his positive, serene energy. Thank you @anhcotran for the 'sexy Parisian' cut," she started the caption. While the gorgeous pixie cut itself is giving us major Amélie vibes, it's really about how the look made her feel that matters. “After two years of either bald or a crew cut, it's nice to feel a bit more like a woman again. ❤️❤️❤️” she finished.
The post further proves just how much a seemingly mundane beauty ritual — like getting a haircut, in this instance — can be taken for granted. It also shows how much impact this kind of change can make.
Along with more than 50,000 likes, Instagram users have flooded the comments section with support. “It absolutely warms my heart to see you doing better :) you're truly an inspiration of beauty and strength,” one wrote. Others chimed in with words solidarity: “Looking fabulous Shannon. Big respect. I too had breast cancer, so know how strong you're being," another commented.
We'd have to agree. Doherty's "sexy Parisian" haircut might just be her best look yet — if not for any other reason that it's strong and feminine, just like her.
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