Adele Hosted A Trip To The Movies For Children Who Survivored The Grenfell Tragedy

Adele has gone out of her way to offer support to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. In the wake of the June tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 80 people, she made numerous visits to the scene in North Kensington, including bringing a cake to the firefighters who had worked so bravely during the rescue operation. Now it's emerged that she has recently hosted a cinema trip for the survivors of the devastating West London fire.
Sharing a picture of Adele with some of the young survivors, Greg Weir wrote on Twitter on Friday: "the amazing @Adele taking our grand kids to the cinema. So much love & effort for the #Grenfell kids - thank you."
Adele has also used her voice to highlight the plight of the Grenfell Tower fire survivors. During her concert at London's Wembley Stadium on the 28th of June, she urged gig-goers to donate money to the relief fund and encouraged people to keep the very important conversation about the tragedy going.
She told the crowd: "And if you don’t want to give [money], can you promise me that you will talk about this story and keep it alive, because it’s disappearing and it’s atrocious that it is. And it’s atrocious that people aren't getting answers."
"It’s our job as human beings to be compassionate and if you don’t have a social conscience you can grow one," she added. "I didn’t have one that long ago... Ask questions and demand answers, because it’s fucking important,"
Adele may not think she had a social conscience in the past, but there's no doubt she has a very strong one now.
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