Check A K-Mart Near You For $4 Supreme Tees

Earlier this week, i-D reported that an extremely lucky Reddit user discovered a crop of blank Supreme tees in a decidedly unusual place: his local Idaho Idaho K-Mart. Now, the mere act of finding a piece of Supreme clothing outside of one of the skatewear brand's notoriously mobbed stores is basically impossible. The fact that each shirt had a $4 price tag? Now that's improbable.
The news, rapidly retweeted with countless fire emojis, prompted other streetwear devotees to hit up their own branches of the national big box department store. Only a few days later, blank tees bearing the valuable Supreme tag have been spotted in K-Marts across the country.
While any $4 tee is worth celebrating, Supreme's famed exclusivity makes this discovery invaluable; the brand sells product via heavily hyped, limited-stocklist drops, which in turn are only available at the label's own stores. Fans who don't live close to Supreme's Los Angeles and New York stores are thus left to battle a ferociously expensive retail market. In other words, this apparent K-Mart mishap is a truly rare opportunity for many shoppers to get their hands on some hard-to-get pieces.
While there are countless conspiracy theories focused on unraveling the chain of events that led to the abundance of dirt-cheap Supreme at K-Marts nationwide, the O.G. discoverer of this miracle concocted a particularly plausible theory. "American Apparel announced they were going out of business earlier this year," wrote Reddit user CokeSlurpees. "For some reason these shirts didn't get shipped to supreme. They were supposed to have their tags cut off (like the other ones) and were thrown in a lot with other shirts and liquidated to Kmart."
Indeed, many Twitter users are reporting the chain is cutting Supreme tags off the shirts in an apparent attempt to reduce their worth. Somewhat counterintuitively, K-Mart is publicly acknowledging the existence of deeply discounted Supreme shirts in their stores, retweeting customers' hauls with captions like "Cart Goals.".
The moral of this story? Streetwear fans and money-minded resellers should drop everything and head to their nearest K-Mart immediately. The store's tag removals prove that even outside the constraints of tightly-controlled releases, limited stores, and prohibitively expensive stock lists, purchasing Supreme is still no easy feat. To those heading out on the hunt: good luck.

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