Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Are Even Closer Than You'd Think

Best friends share everything — including gossip, secrets, and of course, beauty products. (If I had a dime for every time my BFF asked to borrow my dry shampoo...) And celebrities are no exception.
In fact, when it comes to swapping hair and makeup tricks and tools, some of our favorite Hollywood twosomes are pros. Margot Robbie's best friend taught her how to apply foundation seamlessly into her hairline (the secret: use a toothbrush). Bella Hadid is a frequent culprit of snagging her roommate's favorite hairspray. But the latest duo to trade the beauty goods involves one of our longtime favorite friendships: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.
Last night, Hudgens posted a photo of her rocking a glossy pink eye shadow to her Instagram story that looked strikingly similar to the bold eye look Selena Gomez rocked at this year's Met Ball. But the trick this time wasn't layering on Marc Jacob's new glittery shadow; instead, Hudgens used her pal Tisdale's pink lip gloss.
Despite Hudgens' caption to her post ("When you use @ashleytisdale's lip gloss as an eye shadow"), our hunch is this look might not actually be the result of her friend's lip gloss — but a lip product from Tisdale's beauty collection Illuminate Cosmetics. After all, there's nothing like a doing a shameless plug for your best friend even though she (probably) didn't ask — while also convincing us all that the eye gloss trend is still going strong.
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