Is This Brand's Body-Positive Initiative The Future Of Online Shopping?

When it comes to body positivity and reflecting diversity in fashion, doesn't it sometimes feel like the underdogs are leading the charge? Rather than changes coming from big-time brands and trickling down, it's often the smaller indie labels that are working towards making online shopping a more inclusive experience.
Such is true with Canada-based Peoples Product, which prides itself on ethical, affordable, and chic artisan-made clothing. But, its story doesn't end there. While the company first caught our eye a few months ago with its pretty raw-silk tops and sustainable-but-stylish approach, its latest collection is taking things up a notch by embracing a more body-positive and inclusive direction. It's similar to how you're used to shopping varying color options, but for sizes — meaning, the size you choose (from XS to XL) will actually be shown on a model wearing said size.
"The body positive initiative was second nature to us," cofounder Eva Parrell tells Refinery29. "There is a great movement towards body positivity in the fashion industry, but it has not yet translated to shopping platforms. We want to change that by representing the women we design for through our new inclusive shopping function."
Chelsea Mazur, Peoples Product's other cofounder, adds: "As online shoppers ourselves, we noticed the under representation of the people who are shopping, and the lack of artisan-made fashion that is affordable and fashion-forward. We design all of our pieces with a conscience, taking into account not only the people who wear them but also the artisans who make the clothes. We are currently working with a Fair Trade Organization in and around Kolkata, India where all of our pieces are hand-made."
On top of all that, Peoples Product's pieces are also designed to be worn without a bra. "A very important factor when we design clothes is comfort and functionality," Parrell says. "We always want to keep in mind the people we design for, and we noticed that a lot of women don't like wearing bras. We want to give our customers an option to be braless without a second thought, and we do this by designing clothes with built-in support, adjustable bodices, and strategic lining."
"For larger-chested women, we suggest doing what feels most comfortable for them," Mazur explains. "Some of the pieces have more built-in support than others. Although designed to be worn without a bra, they can be worn with one. We recommend trying the pieces braless and adding extra support if needed." It's time to free the nipple (if that's what you're into, of course).
At the end of the day, we love that Peoples Product doesn't just want women to feel amazing in its clothes — it wants them to feel amazing while shopping for them, too. How amazing is it to actually see various sizes on various body types? All we can say is: Yaaas.

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