All The Weird Things Selena Gomez Puts In Her Mouth For "Fetish"

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images/WE.
Love makes you do crazy things. For Selena Gomez in her "Fetish" video, love is the thing that makes her put a lot of strange items in her mouth to express her borderline deranged desire for someone she is... fetishizing over. After weeks of teasing the video, Gomez has finally released it in full.
This music video is quite the deviation from Gomez's previous videos, but it just proves that the former child star has completely broken out of her mold. Hopefully, though, her fans can keep up with the more adult content and confusing metaphors sprinkled throughout her new projects. Gomez is no stranger to singing lyrics about love, lust, and the crazy things it makes us do. But this is the first time that she's brought her lyrical messages to such artistic heights. Just look at how she rolls around on the frosty floor of a meat locker full of frozen peaches.
Directed and shot by photographer and Gucci muse Petra Collins, this dreamlike video embodies the state of total intoxication one finds themselves in when they're enraptured by someone. Feelings are intense, and they make people act... strangely. Gomez is showing off a new side of herself that is equal parts innocence and sultriness, part sunshine and rain storms, part old Gomez and new Gomez.
But the most interesting part of the video, which takes place in a rundown suburban home on a sunny afternoon, is the items that find their way into Gomez's mouth. Let's just look at some of the screenshots because I can't really say anything else more than this: don't try this at home.
Here are all the weird things Gomez put in her mouth for art.
An eyelash curler.
Blue soap.
A rope.
Broken glass.
Her eyelash curler again.
And now, watch the music video itself. It's an experience.
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