Every Amazing Thing That Happened To Selena Gomez In 2017

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Selena Gomez is turning 25 on July 22 and her future has never looked brighter. For someone who's grown up with fans of all ages — from her early days on Barney, to her transition into Disney childhood fame, and her coming-of-age alongside Justin Bieber — she's managed to dip in and out of the harsh spotlight at times to focus on her personal health and work-life balance. But now, the scales are finally in her favor and everything feels... right. She's a whole new woman, as specifically be heard in her new experimental sound in "Bad Liar" and "Fetish," and been seen with refreshingly low maintenance public appearances.
But let me pause right there and put things into perspective for a minute: this time last year, Gomez was weeks away from canceling the remainder of her international tour to focus on her mental health and lupus recovery. She entered a rehab facility in Tennessee, went cold on social media, and scared a lot of her dedicated Selenator fans (especially since this wouldn't be her first time entering into recovery). She seemed worn down, and lost. But it turns out that all she needed was little life reboot because by the end of 2016 she was building steam and gearing up for 2017, her Best Year Ever. She found new love, new collaborators, and newly realized independence. As someone who also turned 25 this year, I *get* it.
It's easy to focus on the downfalls of young star's careers because that is often what makes a juicy headline, but what if, instead, we focused on all the incredible successes and milestones that our favorite entertainers hit in a year. I've never really considered Gomez a role model, but the girl's absolutely killing it.
Ahead, let's examine everything that happened to Gomez this year.
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