Selena Gomez Had The Cutest Audition For Wizards Of Waverly Place

If the cringe-worthy videos of Disney Channel stars tracing Mickey Mouse ears taught us anything, it's that the internet never forgets.

Before she became a bonafide pop star, Selena Gomez starred on the classic Disney channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, which ran from 2007 to 2012.

Thanks to Teen Vogue, Gomez's audition tape for the show has resurfaced. A baby-faced Gomez is barely recognizable in the clip (understandable, considering it's a decade old).

The 11-year-old Gomez is young, but she's totally confident throughout the audition, answering questions about her hobbies and future plans with ease. And it looks like even back then, she knew she wanted to sing professionally, in addition to acting — the star told the off-screen interviewers that ideally, she'd love to be both an actor and a singer. Her range of emotions while reading the Wizards scripts is on point, too; it's not hard to see how Gomez became the Alex Russo we know and love.

The best part of the audition, though, is Gomez explaining that she and her friends love the "You're watching Disney Channel" promos. She even nails the mouse-ear tracing routine other stars seemed to struggle with. You can see Gomez recreate the promo at the 2:43-2:50 mark — followed by the actual promo she created after the show started.
We can only hope The Weeknd has seen this adorable video — and that Gomez made him try to trace the Mickey ears, too.

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