Peter from The Bachelorette Responded To The Internet's Obsession With His Hair

Update: It looks like Peter Kraus is ready to fully embrace his salt-and-pepper hair post-Bachelorette filming, and we dig it. Kraus, who made it to the final two, posted a selfie to Instagram yesterday that showed off his gray hair in all its glory. He joked, "31 going on 50 apparently" and "Grey hairs comin in thick! #??."

31 going on 50 apparently???‍♂️?! Grey hairs comin in thick! #??

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We're not swooning, you're swooning...
This post was originally published on July 26, 2017.
Peter Kraus, a contestant on the current The Bachelorette season, may or may not have some serious commitment issues — but it's hard not to fall hard for the guy the moment you lay eyes on his dreamy gap-toothed smile, defined jawline, and salt-and-pepper hair that rivals George Clooney's. In fact, the latter has garnered more attention from Bachelor Nation as of late than the hometown dates.
But if you hadn't noticed Kraus' hair up until the last few episodes, that's totally understandable — he was a straight-up brunette at the beginning of the show. Only when the contestants started traveling abroad did his silver fox side start to come out, which could only mean two things: 1). He unfortunately left his Just For Men behind at the mansion, so he hasn't been up to maintain his touch-ups, or 2). Kraus is stressed AF, perhaps from all those "walls" he's built.
The people of Twitter demanded to know, so we did a little digging — and the answer might be a mix of both (plus a little lightening from the sun). According to The Bachelorette's makeup artist Gina Modica, who hires the hairstylists for the women for those first few ceremonies, the men are completely on their own when it comes to their beauty routines. "I'll bring in a stylist for haircuts before we start the show," she says — but that's it.
Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC.
Photo: George Burns/ABC.
So perhaps Kraus simply tired of the tube of hair color he bought for the show. (Considering some of the beauty prep other male contestants have done, we wouldn't blame him for throwing in the towel.) Or maybe, just maybe, he stopped caring so much about getting rid of his grays, and started caring more about Rachel Lindsay.

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