Did You Notice This About Rachel Lindsay's House Last Night?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Another episode of The Bachelorette, another production secret to be unlocked. Rachel Lindsay's home in last night's episode looked a little different from the house we saw on The Bachelor earlier this year. If you'll recall, Lindsay took Bachelor Nick Viall to Dallas to meet her family. There, Viall met various family members of Lindsay's — though not her dad — at what was ostensibly her home in Dallas.
Except, this was what her home looked like on The Bachelor.
Photo: YouTube.
And this is what her home looked like on The Bachelorette.
And this.
These are not the same home — anyone could tell you that. One Twitter user shared a "spoiler" on Twitter, alleging that a home in Dallas was staged as the Lindsay home for last night's episode. (The user did not immediately respond to Refinery29's request for comment.)
The same user alleged that production filmed Lindsay's Bachelor hometown date at her sister's house.
The house pictured may not be the home where shooting took place — a reverse Google image search found no information on the estate — but the home in last night's episode was 100% not the same house we saw last season. This seems to indicate that neither home was really Rachel Lindsay's house.
This feels like a betrayal — The Bachelorette is real! How dare they show us a fake mansion? — but it's actually common practice. Andi Dorfman told the hosts of Here To Make Friends: A Bachelor Recap Show that contestants will often film their hometown date in a home that's not their own. She implied that people use fake homes to make it look like they live more extravagantly than they do. But it could also be for reasons of privacy or production purposes. A contestant from The Bachelor Australia claimed production didn't want to use her home due to "noise and privacy."
It makes sense, when you think about it. Would you want a flock of Bachelor producers invading your childhood home for a day of awkward silences and filming?
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