Jenny Slate "Anoints Herself" Daily — & We're So Into It

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
Ask any successful person on Earth (Martha Stewart, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington): Morning rituals are important. And while a lot of us struggle just not to hit snooze, celebrities treat the hours before 8 a.m. like a holy religious service. The latest? Jenny Slate and her morning "anointing."
Baths are often a time to unwind at the end of the day, but Slate finds her tub time heightened by the rising sun — and a helluva lot of body oil. Like her character in her newest film Landline, Slate spends a lot of time in the tub and takes the word "ritual" quite literally. She told Vogue, "I like processes that seem like a little nature witch would be a part of. After my morning bath, I like to put rose oil on myself really, really slowly. It may sound silly, but it makes me happy. It helps me be very aware that I’m caring for myself."
And no, she didn't read that in a Goop post; she actually pulled inspiration from The Odyssey, which she's been fascinated with since middle school. "Odysseus is always getting rubbed down with olive oil and rosemary by the daughters of the kings he visits. I became obsessed with anointing myself with herbs and oils, like a queen from a myth. Afterwards, I always feel fresh and new," she told the publication. "My grooming routine is filled with delightful, intentional little things I’ve done to myself that say ‘I’m precious’ and ‘I'm sweet’ and ‘I'm very, very sharp.’"
Considering we've officially entered a Mars-in-Leo period, it looks like there's no time like the present to be fully motivated in treating ourselves to a soothing morning ritual to jumpstart our days. So set your alarm a half hour early, buy some luxe rose oil, write down your new goals, and get ready to soak in some "me" time — it's Jenny Slate-approved.
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