Why It's A Great Time To Be A Leo

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
It isn't enough that the sun is nestling into Leo this Sunday, July 23. In true, expansive Leo style, the summer has much more in store for this fiery sign.
First off, today — before Leo season even officially starts — ushers in a new (and rare) planetary placement in Leo.
Mars will enter Leo and stay there until September 5. As you may have heard from the Astrotwins, the last time we experienced a Mars-in-Leo period was way back in 2015. If you feel like you've been spinning your wheels since then, brace yourself for a serious motivation boost. When the planet of drive and action appears in go-big-or-go-home Leo, things get done at a break-neck speed. The best part? This transit will be beneficial for all signs of the Zodiac.
Then, on the same day that Leo season begins, the July new moon will post up in Leo alongside the sun. As is the case with new moons, Sunday night will be an opportune time to reflect upon personal changes you can make. That said, it won't serve you to put those changes into effect just then — rather, new moons, especially when they appear in your sign, call for restraint. Impatient Leos may find all this internal gazing a tad tedious, but you'll thank yourself later.
Take this time to set goals (and even plan to take a few risks) for the rest of the sun's stay in your sign. Leo season is your time to shine, after all, and with the sun as your natural ruler, your next month will be supercharged with the kind of bold energy we expect from Lionnesses. In other words, the stars are aligned for some major self-care, Leo, so make the most of your vacation, ClassPass, or poolside massage, while you can.
Normally, each sign hosts only one new moon in a year. This year, the sign of the Lion is an exception to that rule. Next month, on August 21, yet another new moon will appear in this sign, but there's another reason to mark this day on your astrological calendar, Leo. For the first time in 26 years, there will be a total solar eclipse. And, yes, it's set to occur in your sign.
A coinciding new moon and eclipse can bring about powerful changes on a micr0- and macro-level. Where new moons foretell of your potential to change, eclipses often signal momentous shifts beyond yourself. It's especially advantageous that this solar eclipse will take place the day before Leo season ends. With the sun and moon moving in your favor, this will be the time to act on your dreams.
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