Delta Wants To Offer The Option To Replace Boarding Passes With Fingerprints

Photo: Courtesy of Delta.
If you need more proof that the future is now (and that Big Brother is always watching), Delta airlines have announced that it's trying a new biometric check-in feature that allows passengers to forego boarding passes. Instead, they scan their fingerprints to get on the plane, Engadget reports. The pilot program is already being tested with Delta SkyMiles members, who aren't boarding a plane using the biometric scan but rather Delta's Sky Club at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
"It's a win-win program. Biometric verification has a higher level of accuracy than paper boarding passes and gives agents more time to assist customers with seat changes and other skilled tasks instead of having to scan individual tickets – and customers have less to keep track of as they travel through the airport," said Delta COO Gil West in a statement.
Earlier this year, Delta began testing facial recognition software for checking luggage, and they plan to expand the fingerprint system to baggage check, too.
Maybe this all seems cool to some people, but others see it as 1984-esque surveillance technology. A lot of us just to get on a plane with cramped seats, cheap snacks, and complimentary beverages and take our seats next to the snoring dude who keeps hogging the armrest in peace and a relative degree of anonymity.
It will be interesting to see if people are willing to hand over their fingerprints or have an airline scan their face so that they can check my luggage. The future is here, and the future is intrusive.
For now, Delta only plans to offer the service as a third option for customers instead of using a paper ticket or mobile boarding pass — but those who aren't on board can skip the biometrics and keep scanning their phones instead.
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