Alicia Keys' New Neon Hair Would Make Lisa Frank Proud

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Alicia Keys has new hair and we all care. Keys showed off her neon hair makeover on Instagram and immediately gave us all Lisa Frank vibes. No joke, her long hot pink, orange and yellow braids will make you nostalgic for a trapper keeper.
Keys' new look is certainly bold but she played it cool when she teased it, using just the hashtags #views #nyc. The joke being she's checking out the New York City skyline, while we can't help but check out the back of her head and those flowing neon braids. Keys' matching watermelon pink pants are a nice touch in showing off this totally '90s look.

#views #nyc

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Keys also posted a close-up of her new hair from the front giving a better look at this neon rainbow. Do we even detect a bit of ombre in there? On Twitter she used a different hashtag to describe her colorful new look: "#summervibes" followed by three rainbows. Yep, that seems about right since it reminds us of a cup of rainbow sherbet.
It's a hair trend that Kaley Cuoco just rocked, too. Thanking her hairstylist for "giving me some dreamy sherbet hair." The Big Bang Theory star's icy blonde look with hints of purple was a little more subtle than Keys but equally as summery.
Keys isn't the first celebrity to go neon. Back in April, Kylie Jenner rocked some neon yellow highlighter hair for Coachella. As we learned from Jenner's hair stylist though, it's not the easiest (or the least expensive) look to get. Something to know before you attempt to cop this look.
For those surprised that Keys would rock a little neon, remember that she's never afraid to try new things. Back in 2016, Keys decided to go makeup free at the MTV VMAs and empowered women to do the same. No surprise, her makeup free skin is on full display in these photos.
Keys has always supported women taking chances with their hair to find the look that makes them feel most beautiful. She told Glamour in January, "I didn’t think wearing braids was something revolutionary or iconic; that was just how I loved wearing my hair. I recognize now that how you look is your statement, because it’s a claiming of yourself. You’re saying, 'Look, world. This is me. Love me or hate me, I really don’t care.' I guess that is the revolution."
After this look, don't be surprised if others revolt right alongside Keys.
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