Mandy Moore's Bangs Almost Ruined This Is Us

If you’re a fan of the hit NBC show This Is Us, you know that it tells the story of Rebecca and Jack Pearson's love story, family, and present day struggles. That means a lot of the show is filmed in flashbacks, which requires the characters to constantly jump back and forth between very specific time periods and memories — making it super interesting for the audience, but incredibly hard on the makeup and hair departments who have to seamlessly match each look for continuity.
Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, was recently shooting a scene for the upcoming season and realized that her past decision to cut her own bangs (something we can probably all relate to) was wreaking havoc on her hairstylist.
Moore posted an Instagram story of herself in full Rebecca mode offering a PSA to anyone looking to cut their own bangs. “Note to self: Don’t cut bangs because on this show you’ll have to revisit them and this guy will have to pull his hair out to try and match the second episode,” the actress says to the camera, pointing to the show's hairstylist behind her.
While we’re die-hards for This Is Us, even we don’t think we would’ve noticed a few stray hairs sticking out on Rebecca’s head. But it just goes to show how dedicated their entire team is to getting each scene exactly right — and not doing anything that could potentially give away spoilers.
Either way, if you’re thinking of cutting your own hair without pro supervision or advice, we suggest using Moore as a cautionary tale. Who knows, you might just have your own hit TV show one day.
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