Gigi Hadid Just Broke Every Summer Beauty Rule In The Book

Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images.
Matte gray lipstick doesn’t exactly scream breezy summer beauty, but Gigi Hadid didn’t let that tiny detail stop her from breaking boring conventional makeup “rules” this week when she was spotted wearing the unorthodox lip color for a NYC night out — in 95-degree weather, no less.
The offbeat beauty decision wasn’t the only way the model eschewed seasonal trends. In fact, her entire look flipped humidity the metaphorical bird from head to toe, with monochromatic nails to match her lips and a bright blue cotton sweatsuit that makes us feel overheated just looking at it.
Clearly, Gigi didn’t give much consideration to the forecast… or the clock, because her dark sunglasses after sundown are the epitome of DGAF fashion. Her aesthetic choices are further proof of the overarching theme that the best style icons don’t follow trends: They make them. (Or, in this case, totally disregard them, then make new ones that also happen to be loosely based on '90s and '00s looks.)
That said, the most remarkable part of the entire thing — yes, even more impressive than her ability to make gray lipstick seem like something you might want to wear in the middle of July — is that there’s not a single drop of sweat visible on the star’s forehead. A dry hairline is just one of the many perks of not having to take the subway when a city-wide heat advisory is in effect.
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