John Bradley, A.K.A. Sam Tarly, Explains How They Made All That Poop

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
The season premiere of Game of Thrones featured one of the show's cringiest sequences yet — which says a lot, considering the high volume of blood and gore on this show. This one was literally shitty (ha). In it, erstwhile member of the Night's Watch Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) cleaned chamber pots — many chamber pots — as part of his duties at the Citadel. It was both painful to watch (all that poop) and hilarious to watch (all that poop!). According to Bradley himself, shooting the sequence was no treat, either.
"It was shot over a period of about five full days. We're talking about 50 or 60 hours of shooting all of that. It was quite an experience, really," Bradley, 29, told The Hollywood Reporter.
Those 50 or 60 hours were condensed to a roughly 90-second montage of poop, swish, rinse, and repeat. It all looked very realistic — my stomach can attest to that — but Bradley says the excrement was actually made of fruitcake.
"We used wet fruit cake, for all of the — I don't know you say it politely," Bradley explained. "It smelled fine, but shooting under lights for 13 hours or so, it can get a little nasty."
To make matters worse, while the British actor filmed the scenes in the Citadel, the rest of the Game of Thrones cast attended the 2016 Emmys.
"Everybody said, 'The cast has to go to the Emmys for a week. Which is the story that can take care of itself?' So I was left completely alone scrubbing toilets for a week while they were on the red carpet."
Poor Sam Tarly. At least he's got a sweet new 'do this season.
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