Samwell Tarly's Game Of Thrones Poop Montage Inspired The Best Memes

I'm definitely used to being grossed out by Game Of Thrones. There's been beheadings, dismembering, and full-on, uninterrupted eye-smushing, but during last night's season 7 premiere, I found myself turning my face from the screen for a whole different reason. Samwell Tarly, who we last saw declaring his intentions to train as a Maester at The Citadel, has discovered his expectations don't quite match the reality. During an extremely extended montage, we watch the former steward of the Night's Watch carry books, serve food, and, most notably, clean up poop. So. Much. Poop.
I wasn't the only person this stuck with — the rest of the internet went wild after being forced to watch the fecal extravaganza. While the whole thing felt gratuitous, it did pave the way for some truly hilarious memes, and Twitter did not disappoint.
"What Sam thought his dream job would be versus what it turned out to be," a fan wrote under a picture of Belle in Beauty And The Beast next to a shot of Cinderella cleaning the floor.
"Six seasons of violence and gore and death and the worst thing I've ever seen on #GameofThrones is Sam's daily life montage," added another.
"Samwell is every millennial finding disappointment in education and the job market," a viewer joked.
"Is Samwell pledging?" another asked, referring to the process of joining a fraternity.
If I'm being totally honest, I'd definitely watch this Dirty Jobs x Game Of Thrones spin-off, even though I could barely get through Samwell's experience on the show last night. Luckily, the episode also revealed that the new father was onto something, so maybe his days of menial labor will soon be behind him. Let's hope so for both of our sakes, because we can't take another episode of sloshing and scraping and oh god I have to go puke.

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