Evan Rachel Wood Is Not Here For Ben Affleck's Comments On "Gay Kissing"

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When discussing the disparities between men and women working in Hollywood, conversations typically veer towards the gender wage gap and/or the lack of women behind the camera.
While, yes, actresses do sometimes speak out regarding the nuances of the types of roles offered to men versus women, rarely has anyone gotten so straight to the point as Evan Rachel Wood did on Twitter Tuesday night.
It all began with some comments about Ben Affleck.
On Saturday, Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith dropped by the LGBT Film Festival in Los Angeles to celebrate his film’s 20th anniversary. While discussing the movie with the audience, Smith revealed that one of his leading men, Ben Affleck, had a revelation after kissing his co-star, Jason Lee, in a memorable scene.
“Affleck said, ‘A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face,’” recollected Smith. He then explained that after the scene was filmed Affleck apparently said to Smith, “Now I’m a serious actor.’”
Soon after, Smith's comments made their way to the internet and a number of major outlets covered Affleck's comments. However it was Paper magazine’s tweet that caught the attention of Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood.
“Ben Affleck says gay kissing is "the greatest acting challenge an actor could ever face," read Paper’s tweet.
Wood responded, “Try getting raped in a scene. Also, grow up Ben.” The tweet has since been deleted and the outlet also issued an apology on their website.
Moments later, in a separate tweet, Wood slammed another heteronormative notion: Not all actors and actresses feel kissing a co-star from the opposite sex easy. “Also, you think us ladies like kissing all the guys we kiss? Just cause its a "straight kiss" doesnt [sic] mean we enjoy it. Ahem,” she tweeted.
A Twitter user also pointed out an important detail for Wood. "Well, the quote was from 20 years ago so I guess he did grow up" read the response.
Wood responded accordingly, "I'm sure he just thought it was a funny, but even jokes like that are damaging," she said.
It’s unclear whether or not Wood clicked on the story and read that Affleck said this when he was only 24. Nevertheless, Affleck's comment and Wood’s tweet are a testament to how far we’ve come since then.

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