Ben Higgins: Kissing Anyone Other Than Lauren Bushnell "Would Be Really Hard For Me"

Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage.
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are dealing with their breakup very differently.
In a new episode of his iHeartRadio show "Almost Famous," which he co-hosts with Ashley Iaconetti, Higgins says that he hasn't moved on from his last relationship yet. (The episode isn't public yet, but People has an exclusive preview of the conversation.)
"If I were to kiss somebody right now in my life, it would hold a lot of weight," the Bachelor alum says in the radio show episode. "It would be really hard for me. Right now, for me to kiss anybody… my chest kind of gets tight. I know that's really difficult for me."
Higgins' ex-fiancée, though, doesn't seem to have the same hangups. Bushnell reportedly has a new boyfriend, Devin Antin.
"Recently, I've tried to stay away from talking about those situations, 'cause I know they hurt people, and they're hard to talk about still," Higgins added when Iaconetti asked when he'd start dating again. "Dating or relationships are very sensitive to me right now, and it's just not something I'm wanting to talk about, honestly."
Higgins also says on the radio show that a church sermon inspired him to "move forward" after things ended with Bushnell.
"He recommended you take a considerable amount of time in this part of life where you're exiting out of a breakup and you're broken to find yourself, to fill yourself with things that are good, to fill yourself with friendships and to fill yourself with healthy habits and your faith and prayer and meditation," Higgins said of the pastor. "I am forcing myself to get to know myself better, to find myself a little bit, to figure out who I am now. Once I do that — I don't know when that is — hopefully I'll have somebody then in my life who will tell me they love me, and I'll know it."
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