Littlefinger Is The Only Game Of Thrones Recapper You Need In Your Life

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Petyr Baelish may be a scheming dog desperate to slyly take control over all the thrones on Game of Thrones, but in real life, Aidan Gillan is a damn treat.
The actor who plays the devilishly clever character often referred to just as "Littlefinger" is lending his storytelling skills to Vanity Fair as a rapid fire Game of Thrones recapper. In the new video, Gillan goes through every major plot line, death, and theory from season 6 in impressive time, and it's amazing.
It makes sense that the man who plays a mastermind schemer would have succinct summaries for each of the major regions in the show. The video starts in the North with Jon Snow's resurrection, and ends with the iconic "Battle of the Bastards" episode, then heads to King's Landing to catch up with the Lannisters (and all those deaths). Next up, we head to the Iron Islands where we first met Theon Greyjoy's family. Then it's off to Meereen to see what strides Dany is making (major ones), and we get to reminisce over that amazing scene where she kills all the Dothraki with fire and reemerges like a phoenix dragon queen. *Bows down.* Where to now? Just to the seaside town that is Braavos where Arya Stark having a quarter life crisis and trying to fend for herself.
There's another Stark to catch up with still: Bran, who spent much of season 6 beyond the wall. Next he takes us through the drama that went down at Riverrun. He ties it all together neatly by mentioning a few outlier locations that make up "elsewhere." And voila, we're done.
You get all that?
Me neither, so why don't you do yourself a favor and watch the full video below.
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