This Key Game Of Thrones Scene Could Spell Doom For Sansa In The Finale

The last scene of Game of Thrones’ most recent episode was as triumphant as it was welcome. First, Ramsay was eaten by his own dogs. Second, the Stark banner was once again unfurled over Winterfell. But didn’t it seem a little simple for a show known for never delivering satisfactory moments? Eagle-eyed redditor nockside pointed us to a scene that we had forgotten from season 5 that could mean Sansa and Jon’s victory will be insanely short-lived. Here’s the scene in question, from episode 6 of last season. Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger, is meeting with Cersei to discuss what to do about Winterfell. The action starts at about 2:34.
Here’s the relevant piece of the exchange, after Littlefinger offers to attack Winterfell with the Knights of the Vale: “And if you succeed?” Cersei says. “Name me Warden of the North,” Littlefinger says. “I’ll speak to the king this evening, have him issue a royal decree.” “I will not rest until the Lion flies over Winterfell,” Littlefinger says, in reference to the Lannisters’ house sigil. “I’ll know you’re a man of your word when I see Sansa Stark’s head on a spike.” So that’s not a super good sign for Sansa. Littlefinger won’t even have to attack Winterfell, since his knights are already the occupying force. Not only that, but the Stark’s trump card, Wun Wun the giant, is dead. Maybe they're not as unstoppable as we thought. There are a few ways this could go. First, Littlefinger could keep his word to the Lannisters. Though Cersei is no longer in control of the king, presumably the royal decree still stands. Second, Littlefinger could decide he loves Sansa more than he wants power. That seems unlikely given that he's kind of all about power. Third, he could lead his own force south and fight against the increasingly disorganized and dispirited Tyrell and Lannister armies while they’re fighting the Faith Militant in King’s Landing. Whatever happens, Sansa is in a lot worse trouble than she realizes.

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