This Game Of Thrones Theory Explains Why The Remaining Starks Are Unstoppable

Things are looking up for the Starks. Even though Ramsay shot an arrow through Rickon. When Jon charged into battle, we would have thought he was a goner for sure. Traditionally, Game of Thrones is not kind to people who do foolish things in battle. But he lived, saved by a comically well-time cavalry charge. And later, he nearly died again when he was trampled by his own troops. But he lives to pound Ramsay’s face into mush and let his half-sister feed the usurper to the dogs. Pretty good. So why does everything work out so well, if so suddenly? A theory posted to Reddit says that Robert Baratheon’s curse against the Starks has finally been lifted. NANAs_Mic made a post called “Robert’s Curse is finally complete” that breaks down the curse in detail. The basics are as follows: Robert visits Ned Stark’s Winterfell in the first episode of the first season. Those he touches — Ned, Catelyn, Robb, and Rickon — all died in rather unfortunate ways. He even asks Arya her name. We all know what happened there. Here’s visual proof.
It’s an interesting piece of thought, especially now that we see the tides finally turning towards good. One redditor couldn’t resist dropping a burn on Cersei.
Well played.

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