This Teen Slayed With A Beyoncé-Inspired Prom Entrance

Remember the days when your prom dress reveal happened as you walked down the stairs toward your date and "Kiss Me" played in the background? (Oh wait — maybe that was just a scene from She's All That...) Anyway, the simple prom moments of yesteryear are no more, and this teen did not come to play games. In the below video, said high schooler staged a choreographed entrance to Beyoncé's "Formation" — before she even got to prom. First element of slayage: Her friend snatches the crowd's wigs while wearing basically the exact same hat from the "Formation" video. Next: Friend number two makes an entrance with a matching black-and-white outfit, complete wth a smoke machine (obvi). The duo then proceeds to quite literally get in formation, killing the choreography before revealing the Woman of the Hour. Her confidence, Lemonade-colored gown, and Beyhive-themed balloons officially put our basic corsage-and-polaroid prom memories to shame — all before she even walked down her own red carpet. Props to her date, who can be seen at the bottom of the stairs waiting patiently (and awkwardly) for his queen. (And extra props to the lady who took in the entire spectacle with a wine glass in hand.) One can only hope the girl had hot sauce in her evening bag. Now if you'll excuse us, BRB. We're going back to high school to plan a "Sorry"-themed prom entrance.

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