Anna Kendrick Explains Getting Lost In Zac Efron’s Eyes: “How Is This Happening?”

Anna Kendrick visited the Refinery29 studio this week, and even though she joked that our video set is like a "back door porn studio," we forgive her. The actress talked about the upcoming "really, really funny" Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (in theaters July 8), in which she and Aubrey Plaza play unemployed waitresses who answer a wedding-date-needed ad from Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron). Kendrick's character (described as a "broken bird" that wants to be a nice girl, but often ends up dancing on tables, instead) is Dave's date. "He's very pretty," Kendrick says of co-star Efron. "We would be doing scenes and I would be like, But your eyes, though...Not in a, 'I'm being so seduced by it,' but just, like, 'How?' I just wanted to touch his face and be like, Is it real? Or is this just a hologram? How is this happening?" She also talks about pairing up with friend Aubrey Plaza to get the movie made. "We found this script before there was a director attached or anything," she says. "And we were like, 'I mean, we're going to make this movie.' And then, we have to let the powers that be think that they're in charge and running Hollywood. And then, we were like, 'Hi, we're going to be in the movie. Don't object, just let it happen.'" For more from Kendrick, including her answers to reader questions and a game of Celeb 10-9-8 (Warning: You need a strong stomach for her answer to something she'd never do again), check out the video.
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