No One Knows Why Modern Family Keeps Getting Emmy Noms

Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC.
The Emmy nominations are out, and, as per usual, there are more than a few egregious snubs. There's also more than a few baffling nominations, beginning with Shannon Purser's spot in the "Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series" category and ending with yet another Outstanding Comedy Series nomination for ABC's Modern Family. This is the show's 8th nomination in this category. (Ty Burrell is also nominated for his role as Phil Dunphy.) The family-based sitcom is a favorite at the Emmys, so its presence this year is no surprise — it's just that the 2016-2017 season saw about a bajillion great new comedies that could have been nominated in its place.
The general consensus on Twitter is that the show's reign is over.
"Yall still love Modern Family that much?" Tre'vell Anderson, a writer for The LA Times, wrote.
Another user wanted to know, "What kind of blood sacrifice was made that explains why Modern Family is still being nominated for things?"
User @BethSaysThings had similar thoughts, writing, "Some mysteries will never be solved, like the Bermuda Triangle or why Modern Family still gets Emmy nods when it's long past its use-by date."
Others are naming shows that should have been nominated in its stead. The main contenders: Insecure, One Day At A Time, Fleabag, and even ABC's Speechless.
It's not just Twitter users that are baffled by the repeat nomination. In the New York Times rundown of the nominations, television critic Margaret Lyon opened the conversation by saying, "Do you want to start with the dumbest nomination? Modern Family? Just to get that out of the way quickly? There is absolutely no reason Modern Family should be nominated ever, ever again." (Fellow critic James Poniewozick added Netflix's House of Cards to the category of "dumbest nomination.")
Such is the nature of award shows, though. We don't get to be the Emmy committee and the Emmy committee doesn't get to have fun or watch good shows. The variables that determine who gets nominated (like submitting for categories, crafting "For Your Consideration" campaigns, and publicity pushes) often lead to befuddling nominations and win. Never forget that Shakespeare in Love has an Oscar.
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