Beliebers Seriously Have Beef With Sofia Richie

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Sofia Richie can't catch a break. The 19-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie rubs shoulders with all the famous teens and twentysomethings (okay, and 30-somethings) of Hollywood, but she always seems to be the one getting the harshest criticism, despite her often crystal clear intentions.
Now that the Disick rumors have sizzled down following the reality star's whirlwind in Cannes, Richie is back to her normal day-to-day life — which, according to her Instagram, is mostly her driving, hanging out with friends, and eating delicious food. Recently, she ate pizza at a restaurant that she deems her "happy place." Justin Bieber, her ex and friend, saw the photo of her eating the Italian dish on her social media account (never pass up on good content), and commented "You are gorgeous" along with "!!", as seen in screenshots on Teen Vogue.

Happy place

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Now would you believe that every Belieber freaked out and started spamming Richie's page with snake emojis and nasty, nonsensical comments? Of course you would because this has literally happened before.
Richie has not turned the comments off yet, presumably because just as many people are hopping in the conversation and defending her, calling her beautiful and telling her to ignore the haters. Some Beliebers are even going up against each other, telling the trolls to back off because they are embarrassing the whole fandom with their public outbursts.
It's a lot of drama over one comment, especially when you consider this very plausible possibility: Bieber could be referring to the delicious, cheesy pizza seated right in front of Richie. Pizza is gorgeous!!
Either way, just text her next time, Bieber.
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