Blue Ivy Raps On 4:44, The Internet Blows A Gasket

Photo: Alo Ceballos/GC Images.
ATTN: Blue Ivy, who is but 5, raps for a full 45 seconds on a track from Jay-Z's new album 4:44. (I mean, she's the product of music's greatest duo. What did we expect her to do at age 5 — play with blocks?) As per Teen Vogue, the song is called "Blue's Freestyle/We Family," and the toddler Carter carries the opening intro.
She raps: "Everything, everything is my only single thing / Everything I hear is my answer...I never hear that / I be in the posse / Never seen a ceiling in my whole life." Then, she gives a triumphant "Boom shakalaka/Everything in flaka," a couplet that Twitter is damn near obsessed with.
For a 5-year-old, it's pretty smooth stuff. In particular, the lyric "never seen a ceiling in my whole life" is gaining attention for being a deft double entendre. (As Genius suggests, this is a reference to both high, fancy-schmancy ceilings, and the fact that, for Blue Ivy Carter, there are no limits — glass ceiling who?)
Unfortunately, the track isn't available on Apple Music yet. (4:44 is now available on the Apple platform, but if you want "Blue's Freestyle/We Family," you're going to have to get a free trial on Tidal.) This hasn't stopped Twitter users from sharing the audio clip, though. Listen, below.
But really, the lyrics and the talent don't count. This is Blue Ivy Carter we're talking about — everything she touches is golden. Also, she's five, which means everything she touches is golden.
As such, Twitter is in love with just about everything about the freestyle. The lyrics. The song itself. The fact that it's Beyoncé's child rapping. The fact that North West has yet to do the same.
Blue Ivy Carter: The next big thing in rap. (And, as per the covert video of her dance recital released to TMZ, the next big thing in ballet.)
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