Instagram's Carrie Dragshaw Says No To Fashion's Obsession with Ugly Shoes

In New York, trends change faster than the seasons. And this summer’s hottest trend is ugly shoes. Crocs on the runway, Tevas at Versace, Birkenstocks in Southampton. There are eight million people in New York City. That’s 16 million ugly shoes. So I got to thinking: When did being comfortable become more important than being fabulous? When did Crocs become the cat’s pajamas and the cat’s pajamas become this season’s It look? And in a world where “ugly” was in, did I need a more relaxed approach to fashion?
New York City is all about change, after all. Tonight’s hottest club is yesterday’s news before last call. Still, as I spotted another clunky sandal in Soho, I couldn’t help but wonder: Did 2017 really need more ugly? Maybe trends are like presidents. It’s best to ignore them when they don’t make any sense. In a world full of so much noise, sometimes you need to let your shoes do the talking — and for me, a great strappy sandal can do no wrong.
Heels are like the perfect partner: sexy but still sophisticated, comfortable but still exciting, and tall enough to get noticed — oh, and they look great in Montauk. So, here are fabulous — yes fabulous — shoes for everything she has to say this summer. Because the only thing more important than the right pair of shoes is the woman wearing them.
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