This Mother-Son Drag Queen Makeup Tutorial Is Everything

When Mikli Feria Jorge documented her son’s makeover into a pint-sized drag queen and shared the adorable photos to Twitter, she might not have expected for the sweet story to go viral. But less than a day after she posted his step-by-step transformation, tens of thousands of people on the social-media platform fell in love with Jorge and her kiddo, who found the inspiration for his new look from — what else? — RuPaul’s Drag Race.
“We were watching RuPaul's Drag Race last night and this little one was, ‘I want to do that also!’” Jorge said in her original tweet. So she got out the eyeshadow palettes and a handheld mirror (not to mention plenty of tissues for the inevitable messy aftermath), and helped her son do his best Bianca Del Rio. “He had me do his wings, insisted on eyelashes, [and] ate carefully to not ruin his lipstick,” she wrote.
With dramatic blue brows, a major set of falsies, and a bright orange-red lip to match his red lace dress, the result is practically stage performance-worthy. The Twitter universe took note, with other users retweeting the images and sharing encouraging words to applaud Jorge for letting her son dress up — and do his face — exactly the way he wanted. “This is what love looks like,” one person replied.
The tired old belief that girls wear pink and play with dolls and boys wear blue and play with trucks is so beyond antiquated now, and we’re committed to never, ever going back. As Jorge showed her son with a little help from the power of makeup, the most important thing in life is being true to yourself. Pulling off a dramatic cat-eye is just the icing on the cake.
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