Is THIS The Beauty Product Behind Harry Styles' Album Cover?

When Harry's Styles dropped his first, self-titled solo album, it became instantly iconic. The lyrics, his ability to sing about anything other than sex, that millennial pink album cover — it was all so good. If you haven't seen the latter, we envision the artistic process went a little something like this:
Styles had just come home from long day at the studio — perhaps it was the day Zayn left One Direction, or after the time people freaked out over his new hairstyle on Twitter — and decided to unwind with a bath. Only this time, it wasn't a regular soak; this one filled the tub with warm pink water, and smelled like vanilla, lavender, and neroli all at once. BOOM: The idea for his album cover was born. He gets a photographer on the phone, snaps a few shots, and the beginning of his highly praised album starts.


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Of course, the above is just a product of our imaginations running wild — but when we saw Riverdale actress Lili Reinheart point out the resemblance between Styles' cover art and one particular bath bomb in her own tub in an Instagram story, we had to agree. The orb we all think is behind his seamless millennial pink bath: Lush's Pink Bath Bomb. So simple, and right under our noses the whole time. Just check out the similarities for yourself.
Photo: Via @lilireinhart/Instagram.
Photo: Via @lilireinhart/Instagram.
So did we crack the code? Quite possibly. But you can bet that if we didn't, we're open to hearing Styles' bath secrets any time.
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