Kristen Wiig Has A Bowl Cut — & It Actually Looks Cool

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty Images.
If there’s anything we can learn from the celebrity-favorite rectangular sunglasses trend, Kristen Stewart’s frosted tips, and Bella Hadid’s commitment to bringing back the face-framing tendril, it’s that cool people have a miraculous ability to make anything look cool even if just by association.
Considering Kristen Wiig spent seven years on SNL, starred in Bridesmaids, and was once romantically involved with a member of The Strokes, it’s safe to say that the actress is certifiably cool. Wiig is so cool, in fact, that she can make a bowl cut look like a must-have summer hairstyle, as she proved on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
To be fair, this is not your younger brother’s bowl cut: Wiig’s is highlighted, layered, and shaped to perfection. It’s very intentional — like a 40-something Palm Beach lady who wears exclusively palm-tree prints in shades of bright green and pink circa 1984, a little bit Mary Tyler Moore. And even though it sounds kind of weird, it looks really good on Wiig, whose hair has been slowly inching up away from her shoulders since she first chopped it off early last year.
The star is currently on the press circuit promoting the highly awaited Despicable Me 3, which hits theaters tomorrow, so we can count on seeing more of the chic cut in the next few weeks. Whether she opts to grow it out, goes even shorter, or leaves it as is, Wiig can’t go wrong — when you’re cool, everything looks good on you. Yes, even a bowl cut.
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