This Woman Was Once Bullied For Her Moles — Now She's Entering Miss Universe

Depressing as it is to admit, our society works in a way that too often determines a woman’s worth based on her appearance. The pressure to be conventionally attractive is intense in a world that treats it as a priority, and rather than focusing less on our looks and more on self-worth, we’re conditioned to work to conceal and correct the things that are “wrong” with us. This, as you probably already know, is bullshit.
But even when bullshit is staring you right in the eye, it still takes mettle to call it out for what it is, and present yourself fully formed, with complete self-acceptance, and dare people to say anything otherwise. Evita Delmundo, who was born with moles covering her face and body, is doing exactly that. The 20-year-old just auditioned to become Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, and now she’s on a mission to expand people's limited definition of beauty.
As Delmundo told Elle Malaysia in a recent interview, things weren’t always this easy. “I got bullied in primary school and the other kids would call me names, which was really tough to swallow as a young girl,” she said. “I was really timid and I shied away as I didn't know how to deal with it all.” She even considered removing her moles, but doctors told her it could be a risk to her health.
Now, Delmundo said, she’s grateful she didn’t change a thing. As the bullying lessened, and after attending a church camp at 16, she said, “I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others. This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look.” Four years later, she’s learned how to ignore the negative comments and instead concentrate on challenging traditional values and inspiring others to embrace their own unique traits.
With over 43,000 Instagram followers and counting, Delmundo has already made an impact on her community, including tens of thousands of people who say that her confidence is an inspiration to them.
And she’s ready to take it to the next level. “It's always been a dream for me to try out for Miss Universe Malaysia,” she said. “I feel like it's a good way for me to showcase my uniqueness and newfound confidence, and hopefully I can also inspire others.” For now, she’s just waiting for her callback — and chances are it's already on its way.

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