Is This Storybook Cosmetics Launch A Nod To The Wizard Of Oz?

Storybook Cosmetics has a way with making us feel like we’re transported to a different time and place. When the brand announced its most recent makeup brush collection called "What's In A Name," we knew it would make us feel like Shakespearean royalty. Unfortunately, the rose brushes are already sold out on Storybook’s website, and we thought we might give up on our fairytale dreams.
But, it looks like the company is launching something even better. Yesterday, Storybook Cosmetics took to Instagram to release a teaser image of a new makeup brush. This time, it comes in an oval shape — just like those highly successful versions from Artis — and looks just like a sunflower. You know, like the kind you'd find in plenty of scenes in The Wizard Of Oz movie.


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Instagram users seem to agree, drawing speculations that the design is part of a larger WOZ-inspired collection. Imagine the makeup potential, if that were the case — lipstick that resembles Dorothy's ruby red slippers, anyone? In addition to yesterday’s teaser image, the brand also posted a photo earlier this month of what appears to be the backside of the oval brush — and the backside might be even cooler than the front.
Fans of Storybook Cosmetics couldn’t keep their chill. “I'm gonna go broke, and I DONT CAREEE. I NEED THEEEESE 😍😍😍,” one user commented. “OMGGGGGGGG! Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, now Sunflowers?! You are slowly making my life better and better! 😻😻," another wrote.
No word yet when — and if — this illustrious collection will be launching, but if the final packaging is anything like movie, we have a feeling it'll be pretty magical.


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