Jennifer Lawrence Has Choice Words For The Paparazzi Who Try To Pet Her Dog

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
Every dog owner knows that it's impolite to start petting a pup before asking the owner's permission. When that dog owner is Jennifer Lawrence, you better get the explicit okay before reaching down to pet her pup, Pippi Lawrence Stocking. Alas, that's exactly what this TMZ paparazzo didn't do — and ended up on the receiving end of a J Lawr verbal smackdown.
The Passengers star is greeted by paps pretty much everywhere she goes, but it's understandable that the mood was pretty tense when this particular TMZ employee met her at the airport. Early this month, the private plane that Lawrence was taking to visit her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky had made an emergency landing, which the paparazzo kept bugging the actress about as she exited the airport.
"Have you been scared off flying private for good now?," he asked as the Oscar winner left LAX. Lawrence stayed silent and kept her head down — until the paparazzo reached down to pet her pooch. That's when Lawrence bit back.
"Don't touch my dog, you fucking loser," said the actress — in surprisingly calm tone — before scooping up Pippi and taking her to the car.
Some people might think that Lawrence was being rude in this situation, but I totally disagree — she was just being a good dog mom. The celeb has made it clear that she's head over heels for her pup Pippi, even admitting on Late Night With Seth Meyers that she's a bit of a "crazy dog person."
"If you walk into my home, I have an acrylic painting [of Pippi] above my fireplace," the Hunger Games actress told Meyers.
She added that she avoids leaving Pippi alone whenever possible:
"I took her to the vet one time and they kept wanting to take her into the back, and they were like 'People aren't allowed back there,' and I was like [freaking out,]" joked Lawrence on the talk show.
Don't mess with a crazy dog lady — she'll definitely chew you out in protection of her pup.

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