You'll Never Guess The Old-School Item Kate Middleton Uses To Wash Her Face

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.
Kate Middleton is the Regina George of trends. If she wears something, we buy it (although we doubt she’d ever rock army pants and flip flops). If she hints that ponytails are cool again, we reach for our elastics. And if she swears by a washcloth to clean her face, then hell, we’ll do whatever we can to work one back into our beauty routines again.
After all, our parents so often used a warm cloth to wash our faces growing up, dragging it across our skin any time they needed to wipe off any grease and dirt collected throughout the day. Of course, as we got older (and wiser), we learned that these kinds of rags can be covered in bacteria, abrasive on skin, and possibly make skin problems worse. Yikes. But before you throw yours out, Arabella Preston, makeup artist and Kate Middleton’s go-to beauty guru, told The Cut that washcloths - or flannels as they are called in the UK - are totally necessary. Wait… what?
This is probably the last advice we’d expect to hear from a beauty pro, but it seems as though Preston — and the Duchess — swear by it. According to Preston, it’s far more gentle than a cleansing brush and it wipes away every inch of makeup and dirt you’re probably missing, even with a double-cleanse regimen. (Which, as you probably know, is one-part of Middleton's awesome skin-care regime.) Despite our confusion, if something as simple as Rosehip face oil and a washcloth is all it takes to bring us one step closer to the Duchess of Cambridge's skin, then it goes without saying we're in.
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