This Is How Kirsten Dunst Learned To Love Her Crooked Teeth

Photo: Peter Bregg/Getty Images.
When everyone in Hollywood seems to have veneers so white they're almost blue-tinted, and the oral care aisle asks you to choose between "glamorous white" toothpaste versus "3D white" versus "diamond white," it can be hard not to feel a bit insecure about your crooked teeth, gap, or less-than-blinding shade.
But one celebrity is opening up and inspiring us to not feel so self-conscious about our imperfect teeth: Kirsten Dunst.
We love when stars reveal their insecurities and break down outdated beauty norms. For example, Kylie Jenner’s best friend and model Jordyn Woods spoke last week about her gap tooth on Instagram: “For your information: No I will not fix my gap to blend in with the rest of society! My gap makes me who I am. Your individuality is one of your special powers in this generation where everyone's trying to fit in and keep up.” This week, it's Dunst's turn.
Having been in the public eye for over two decades, the Beguiled actress is no stranger to Hollywood pressure. She told Vogue that her confidence through the years came, in part, from director Sofia Coppola. “I always looked up to Sofia as a cool older sister,” says Dunst. “I remember she said, ‘I love your teeth, don’t ever fix them,’ so when I was asked at 20 years old to fix them for a role, I said, ‘No, Sofia thinks they’re cool. I’ll keep them.’”
This just goes to show that being told your individual traits make you unique and beautiful can have a lasting effect on your confidence. Oh, and that having Sofia Coppola as your right-hand woman can be pretty amazing.
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