Kylie Jenner’s Best Friend Just Made An Important Point About Beauty Standards

Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage.
Kylie Jenner knows a lot about beauty. Her lip kits are some of the fastest-selling products on the market, and it goes without saying the woman knows her way around a good contour. But that doesn't mean she — or anyone in her squad, like best friend Jordyn Woods — has to live up to society's unrealistic beauty standards. In fact, the model often speaks out against them. And she will take no shit when it comes to her gap tooth.
In a recent post on Instagram, Woods pointed out something she noticed while on set at a photoshoot. “Often people have the nerve to say fix your teeth,” she captioned the photo. “For your information: No I will not fix my gap to blend in with the rest of society! My gap makes me who I am. Your individuality is one of your special powers in this generation where everyone's trying to fit in and keep up.”
We are absolutely here for Woods’ mission to express her individuality, and — by the looks of the comments flooding her Instagram feed — it appears we're not the only ones standing in support of the sentiment. "Tell 'em girl. Gap teeth rock," one Instagram user wrote. Another said: “Yes girl, gap teeth for life. It makes us stand out of the rest." Preach.
Plus, some of the most successful women in history have proudly rocked a gap teeth with pride: Madonna, Brigitte Bardot, and Georgia May Jagger, to name a few. If you've got it, flaunt it.
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