Your Favorite 2000s Makeup Trend Is Back — & Prettier Than Ever

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
If you went through a Hot Topic phase (and didn't we all?), then you undoubtedly remember one stand-out makeup trend: stars. Typically drawn under the eyes with liner — or worse, black Sharpie — the little black stamps were a dime a dozen at Taking Back Sunday concerts.
While we'll probably never go back to wearing studded belts and black jelly bracelets, this is the one look we are actually willing to reconsider. Thanks to a much-needed modernization, star and celestial makeup is now less about blending into the punk store and more about standing out on a runway or red carpet.
Ahead, check out how some of our favorite celebrities styled the look, and inspiration from Instagram that'll leave you starry eyed too.

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