The Ken Doll Just Got A Makeover & People Are Divided Over It

"I'm not a regular Ken doll, I'm a cool Ken doll" is the phrase we almost expected to see splashed across the boxes of Mattel's newly relaunched dolls. Ken's 2017 aesthetic stands in stark contrast to his 1961 "all-American" look of chiseled abs, ocean blue eyes, and banana-yellow, slicked-back hair: Now you can choose from 15 different boy toys with a range of hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, and body types. (Because if Tinder taught us anything, it's that your average "bro" comes in many different forms.)
But there's one particular hairdo catching lots of attention online: His plastic — yet somehow also realistic-looking — man bun. That Ken is so trendy. Whether you're after the urban hipster with a DGAF attitude and a messy topknot to match or the skinny tie-wearing Ken with a smaller ballerina bun, Mattel has you covered.
As expected, Twitter has some thoughts on the makeover.
Of course, not everyone is opposed to Ken's fresh new look. (We strongly suspect these are the same people who count Jake Gyllenhal, David Beckham, and Jared Leto at the top of their best-looking men list. Wild guess.)
Best of all, because Ken's hair is plastic, Barbie doesn't have to worry about him stealing her brushes and elastics. What a time to be alive!

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