This $130-Million Transit System Lets You Zoom Between 13 Cities Without Leaving Your Hotel Room

The invention that snagged this year's Radical Innovation Award is every frequent traveler's dream. The Hyperloop Hotel is actually 13 hotels in one, Business Insider reports. Its buildings are in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Sante Fe, Austin, and Nashville. But here's the catch: They're all connected by a giant transit system.
Instead of hopping on a train to take advantage of this "Hyperloop," your whole room would be transported between all the cities you wanted for just $1,200. "Guests would be able to travel to any hotel destination within the network and even visit multiple destinations in a single day," Brandan Siebrecht, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas architecture student who designed the hotel, told Business Insider. Just imagine: You could wake up in D.C., work for a few hours, get lunch in New York, finish your workday, and have dinner in Boston. Almost like taking Amtrak, but with no tickets, a lot more privacy, more comfort, and less shoddy Wifi.
Images: Courtesy of Radical Innovation.
Elon Musk first came up with the idea of a Hyperloop (because of course he did), which uses low-pressure tubes to move vehicles faster than an airplane. The rooms will be built using shipping containers and "outfitted for luxury," Siebrecht said. A test track in Nevada called DevLoop is currently in the works, and the company Hyperloop Technologies plans to build out the project by 2020.
Images: Courtesy of Radical Innovation
"Radical has long sought to predict the future of hotels by recognizing game-changing concepts in their infancy," Radical Innovation founder John Hardy told Refinery29. This invention seems to fit that bill, because the ability to travel around the country without actually going through the hassle of traveling would truly be life-changing. You'd save hours packing and getting between train stations, bus stations, airports, and hotels.
And you'd never have to experience jet lag again.
Images: Courtesy of Radical Innovation

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