Move Over Babadook, A Brazilian Alligator Is The Newest LGBTQ Social Media Icon

Photo: Jim Wood/Bancroft Images/Getty Images.
Pride Month is the official month that keeps on giving and giving when it comes to unlikely, yet awesome, LGBTQ Internet memes. The latest is Cuca, a Brazilian alligator in a blonde wig, which took the rainbow flag and is running wild through your social media feed.
Cuca joins the Babadook as an instantly-beloved, if baffling, gif-worthy LGBTQ icon. A big difference between the Babadook and Cuca is that Cuca has been around a long time. Like, a really long time. Cuca first appeared in 1921 as part of a series children's books in Brazil called Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, or, roughly, Yellow Woodpecker Ranch.
The Cuca that has burst onto the scene in the form of a thousand gifs is a live action version from the 1970s. In the live action adaptation, Cuca got a blonde wig, a bustier, and a whole lot of attitude in the form of finger wagging and hair tossing. It's no wonder that many of the memes involving Cuca have a distinct RuPaul's Drag Race flair.
Like the Babdook though, Cuca is a baddie, technically a witch. As one Twitter user explains in his post: "#Cuca is a brazilian character that's like the boogieman. You know thats a great country when the boogeyman is a drag queen gator." It's hard to argue with that kind of logic.
Others on social media made it clear what a time it is to be alive when Cuca and the Babadook are going viral during Pride. "First #Babadook and now #Cuca we are truly living in the golden age of gay icons," one said.
Or, as another person wrote, "Staying fly 24/7 not caring what the haters say." Just like Cuca herself.
And really, isn't that point of Cuca or the Babadook or of Pride month itself? It's about equality no matter whether you wear a black hat or a blonde wig or anything in between.
Comic book artist Terry Blas used his Twitter account to memorialize this magical moment in history for all of us. Many happy returns, Cuca!
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